Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

The Tactical Trader

Trading ideas by a non richling. Not a peasant.


Welcome to my blog and podcast about stock trading.

Here you can read and listen my thoughts and ideas about trading stocks on the stock market. I’m not a rich guy trying to make you pay for stocks tips and the best top secrets for trading stocks. Nope, just a regular “Joe” who likes to write and talk about ideas.

I came up with the name for this blog while running. I’m a prior-service Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran and the name kind of stuck. I plan to apply what I learned over there and in life in general to my stock trading strategy.

Professionally, I write software that controls large industrial air conditions called chillers. I work daily in C++ and Python and I design and implement software.

Stock trading is a part-time gig that I enjoy doing on my lunch breaks, some evenings and the weekend. I like researching and learning about the stock market but I also don’t let it consume me. Family and work are priority, trading stocks is a bonus hobby.

My hobbies include playing with my daughter, spending as much time as possible with my amazing wife, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Running and Jeeps.

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