Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

The Tactical Trader

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In 2017 the United States used 21,500 tons of uranium in power reactors alone. Only 5% – 9% of the uranium we use comes from domestic Uranium mining. The top producer, Kazakhstan, is friendly with Russia. Uzbekistan produces more Uranium than the United States and they just signed an agreement with the Russians. Canada uses their own Uranium but can’t export close to half what the U.S. uses in a year.

We are friendly with Niger, Namibia and Ukraine but combined, they don’t even make enough for half our demand!

38% of the Uranium we use comes from Kazakhstan and Russia. What in the actual F-dash-dash-dash?

Time to start mining domestically so we can stop replying on our enemies for energy.

With all that said, lets look at the top yearly producers of Uranium around the globe.

1. Kazakhstan 23,800 tons.

2. Canada 13,325 tons.

3. Australia 5,672 tons.

4. Niger 4,057 tons.

5. Russia 3,055 tons.

6. Namibia 2,993 tons.

7. Uzbekistan 2,385 tons.

8. China 1,616 tons.

9. United States 1,256 tons.

10. Ukraine 926 tons.

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