Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

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The Department of Commerce released a report confirming several action items that will boost domestic mining of critical minerals. On that list is Uranium, 1 of 14 minerals where 33% comes from Canada, 9% from domestic production and 58% comes from imports, 27% of which comes from unfriendly countries.

Read the full release here or checkout some of the highlights below.

Highlights and Action Items.

Here are some quotes from the DOC report on critical minerals. Uranium was one of the few minerals called out by name in the report hinting that the United States is focused on Uranium, “developing technologies to extract minerals from seawater, including REEs, lithium, and uranium”.

“Mitigating risks associated with foreign dependence on sources of critical minerals is important and consistent with the National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy to promote American prosperity and to preserve peace through strength.”

“Discusses ways to improve critical mineral supply chains, which could help reduce risks to U.S. supply by increasing domestic critical mineral resource development, building robust downstream manufacturing capabilities, and ensuring sufficient productive capacity.”

“conduct critical mineral resource assessments to support domestic mineral exploration and development of conventional sources (minerals obtained directly through mining an ore), secondary sources (recycled materials, post-industrial, and post-consumer materials), and unconventional sources (minerals obtained from sources such as mine tailings, coal byproducts, extraction from seawater, and geothermal brines…”

“to streamline permitting and review processes related to developing mining claims or leases and enhancing access to domestic critical mineral resources”

“Addressing vulnerabilities in the critical minerals supply chain through an increase in domestic exploration, production, recycling, reprocessing, industry incentives, “

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