Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

The Tactical Trader

Trading ideas by a non richling. Not a peasant.

OMG Webull I love your face! After major let downs with the RobinHood App I decided to give Webull a shot so last week I made an account and took it for a test drive.

You may be asking yourself “but James, why the hell would you use Webull instead of something like ThinkOrSwim?”. One word, FREE. Webull offers commission free trades which falls right into line with what I do as a swing trader.

I’m by all means just a small peasant when compared to most stock traders and swing traders. The bigger $100 per share stocks are just out of reach for me and most of the time I can only afford to buy a few shares of a $10 or less stock each month. With commissions, that puts my margins immediately into the negative. Screw that crap!

With Webull I can but a few shares here and there and save as I go and sell out at over sold.

Lets not forget that I’m also a software engineer and my stock bot go out and finds affordable swing trades for me so really, I could care less about needing to invest in big stocks. Webull allows me to purchase affordable swing stocks without a commission, the math just works for me.

Ok, ok, ThinkOrSwim does have one advantage. Alerting on RSI indicators is nice because well, that’s when I sell a stock. I always buy at over sold and sell at over bought, always! Hopefully Webull reads this (probably not because I am just a weeee peasant from Virginia) but draggable Alerts and alerting on Indicators would be F-ing amaze-ballz!

Sign Up for Webull here and I got a free stock!

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