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The Tactical Swing Trader

For those who are Linux users and also like to trade on the stock market you are in luck. TDAmeritrade’s ThinkOrSwim platform is 100% Linux compatible. They did this by developing the entire TOS platform in pure java.

To install ThinkOrSwim on Ubuntu 18.04 and most Linux distributions you’ll need to download the official Java runtime by oracle. Do not attempt to use the OpenJDK stuff, it will not work!

1. Install Java.

Visit and download the Linux x64 version. I ended up with a file called jre-8u211-linux-x64.tar.gz.

Next, uncompress the tar file (right click, extract) and rename the extracted folder to jre. Move the jre folder to your home folder or where you want it on your system.

Once done edit your /home/[user]/.bashrc file and add export PATH=$PATH:/home/[user]/jre/bin
to the very end on a new line.

2. Install ThinkOrSwim.

Log into your TDAmeritrade account and download the ThinkOrSwim platform for Linux. This will download a file called Make this file executable by right clicking the file and hanging the permissions under the properties tab or by executing the following command chmod a+x

The ThinkOrSwim installer will start. I installed my in my home directory so my thinkorswim folder is in /home/james/thinkorswim.

3. Run ThinkOrSwim.

After installing ThinkOrSwim you may notice a desktop icon or menu option. For some reason they do not appear to work. Needless to say I had to execute the thinkorswim executable from the command line. You can easily create a shortcut on your system if you prefer.


You can add ThinkOrSwim to your execution path by editing the .bashrc file again. This time add the folder where you install ThinkOrSwim. Mine is in /home/james/thinkorswim so I can add that to .bashrc.

export PATH=$PATH:/home/james/jre/bin:/home/james/thinkorswim

Now you can open up a terminal is just type “thinkorswim” instead of going to the folder where you installed ThinkOrSwim.

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    1. You may need to purge any instances of OpenJDK and install the official version of JRE and make sure the bath is set to the java binary.

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