Fri. Jul 19th, 2019


The Tactical Swing Trader

SEC filings are important catalysts which every stock trader should be paying attention to. Instead of waiting for the news outlets to publish SEC filings you can get alerts sent directly your email or to your favorite RSS application. The SEC website has RSS feeds for each company and those feeds can easily be monitored and email to you in the form of alerts.

1. Search the SEC website by ticker.

Go to and search for the stock you which to receive SEC alerts for.

2. Copy the RSS Feed.

Right-click copy address from the RSS Feed icon on the company’s SEC page.

3. Get email updates when RSS feed updates.

Got to and paste the feed you copied above and enter the email address you want to get updates on. I recommend using a dedicated email address for these types of things to avoid spam and security isssues.

Blogtrottr will follow the RSS feed and email you when it changes.

4. Confirm email.

Blogtrottr will send you an email for confirmation. Once this is done you are setup for SEC alerts for your favorite stock.

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