Thu. Jun 27th, 2019

The Tactical Trader

Trading ideas by a non richling. Not a peasant.

The United States uses 55million pounds of Uranium a year and only 1.6million pounds of Uranium is produced here in the United States.

The USA produced 33% less Uranium in 2018 than we did in 2017.

Both Natural Gas and Coal are the top producers of electricity in the United States (see here). Nuclear sits somewhere in the middle.

Uranium is fuel that is used in all our nuclear power stations and it also powers our navy’s submarine and air-craft carrier fleets.

Kazakhstan, Canada and and Australia are the top producers and are fairly stable countries but upping production more in the United States would mean more self sustainability.

President Trump could make the Uranium market in the United States boom if he decides to bring more production in house. Trump has been boosting the job markets here in the USA and his trade war with China could land more jobs in the USA as well.

In 2017 lobbyists urged the Trump admin to take measures to up Uranium production and now one of those lobbyists, Andrew Wheeler, is the head of the EPA.

Boost or not, Uranium still remains a good stock for 20 – 40 day swing trades. IMO of course.

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