Fri. Jul 19th, 2019


The Tactical Swing Trader

In this podcast I cover the swing trading strategies that I started off with, where I am now with my swing trading strategy, the many benefits of swing trading and which brokerages I use.

I think the official definition of a swing trader is one who buys a stock on one day and sells it on another day. My personal definition of swing trading requires the stock to be bought on one day and sold no earlier than 5 days after. This is more due to my trading strategy and the time period that I am trading in than it being a rule itself.

$UUUU was the first swing trade I took when I got back into swing trading earlier this year. I used ThinkOrSwim to find the swing trade and executed my trade on Webull. The total swing trade took about 5 weeks, about 1.5 weeks longer than expected.

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